Geisha and I

I have a new found love of almost all things Japanese, hence my date with Zouzou geisha.

However, I do not love sushi. Nor do I love chopsticks. Give me a fork and a big bloody chunk of meat and I’ll be a happy naked male.

11 responses to “Geisha and I

      • Wow! That’s awesome. Drawing on the computer seems like it would be really difficult. I have absolutely no drawing ability. My father was a cartoonist, I wish he would have passed the genes onto me!

  1. I like this a great deal. The cherry blossoms in the background are wonderful. There’s a child like innocence in the pictures that is mingled with the experiences of an adult. It gives your artwork a lot of charm.

  2. Hey Aron thanks for the like on my pic. Just having a look through your work now. looks good. I’m a real newbie in the blog world. Keep in touch as I plan to post a lot more pics. Col

    • I’ve had it often since I started this drawing, and actually, it’s really nice. Watched a food program called bizzare foods, and there were some amazing dishes and ingredients from Japan.

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