6 responses to “Art for Sale

  1. Like the Geisha and I…I’ve never dealt with pounds before..how much would shipping be to Hawaii for a 12×16 canvas? Actually I’ve convinced someone to get it for me before he changes his mind xD.

      • My friend just purchased it =D!! I sent a message asking for shipping charges as there weren’t any in the billing…hope I hear from them soon ^ ^.

        A~h I was worried that you’d think me a snob but I did reply @ my WP but there wasn’t any reply button anymore as the thread got too narrow and was maxed out =P.

      • Thank you!!! I got the message from the shop, they sent me the shipping charges and your friends email address. I have sent him a message with a link to pay for the postage. 🙂 I’m very happy you decided to buy!
        Aha don’t worry! 😉 You can reply on my about page if you like, or maybe there is a email service on wordpress..

  2. I’m so looking forward to seeing your art in person!!…I love the canvas idea and look and so cool as we don’t have anything like it on our walls so it’ll be most unique~*. I’m going to ask if he’s sent payment for shipping yet….doki~doki♥!

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