7 responses to “The great greek god Pan

  1. I’m curious to know…the blank facial features are they symbolic in some way? They really make your art unique that way…just curious if it’s okay to say =),

    • I’d love to give you some deep philosophical reason why, but the truth is I found an old smelly dirty bear without clothes or a face while I was on holiday in France, so I kind of adopted him as a mascot!

      • lol that is soooooo awesome…(^q^)! I would have never guessed…but this is so much better than what I was anticipating and much love to the smelly dirt bear all naked and stuff like he’s very inspirational~* and his awesomeness has gotten new life in your works gotta love that and now I can’t wait to hang up the geisha as whenever I look at her I’ll fondly think of that old smelly dirty bear♥…you’re so cute~funny thank you for your honesty o(*´∀`)o゛。

      • Yeah, I think he represents his bear community very well! His name is Zouzou, Zouzou the bear.
        I’ll laugh when he is hanging on your wall, I never would have thought it possible!

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