29 responses to “Springtime Zoumurai

      • Whhhaaat!! I think this is an actual crime, I mean after The Goonies it is definatly a must see 80’s film! Put down the creative ideas and go watch a bit of ‘wax on, wax off’ πŸ™‚

      • Haha I haven’t seen The Goonies either! Gosh, something must have happened to my 1980’s appreciation part of the brain.

      • Ok you have no trial or jury you have gone to jail, Ha! that part of your brain has definatly been asleep and it’s time to wake it up!! Seriously even if you end up hating them (not possible) you should really experiance them. Go get them, get them nooooow =)

      • Haha! That’d be an awful ‘how I got to jail’ story! If I’m honest, I thought the Goonies was that thing Bill Oddie did in the 1970’s? But apparently that was The Goodies. So, I’m rather lost! But I’ll get searching on amazon for this newfangled thing!

      • This is good news. As i am the judge here searching on amazon is helping your case, you may be released early on good behaviour. ha! when they arrive in the post you should jump for joy!!

      • That’s very good! How can I avoid jail altogether? I’ll mug the postman as he’s getting out of his little red van, then do a little victory dance, maybe some high fives.

      • cool! ha, well you only have yourself to blame here, watching the films would be a start, but if you manage to do what you just said, with photographic evidence! then we can talk about a get out of jail free card.

      • Well you can do that if you like, ha however mugging the postman and the victory dance, a few high fives maybe some thumbs up would more so be accepted!

      • haha I’ll leave the code to you then, while I choreograph my dance. By the way, I’m a complete robot with absolutely no rhythm, so don’t expect a beautiful performance.

      • well its a code you need to give me to let me know you have mugged a mail man, danced and watched a film. whilst bearing in mind your sentenced to jail…….

      • Ah I see, well he is due at 11:23 on Monday morning. so I’ll mug him, then create an appropriate code, which will then be sent to you using my crow birds. Await them with anticipation.

      • My crows are trained in cat manipulation, so hide the cat for it’s own protection, else it’ll be damn hypnotized into crazy submission.

      • They don’t, however I do rub them in toothpaste, which is meant to excite bears and dogs and perhaps cats. My crows are ghosts, you won’t ever see their work, only their results. They are both myth and legend.

      • no no no toothpaste not on cats, they tend to burst in a ball of flame, something no one should whitness! your crows are smart, but my cat has a third eye he will see them some way!

  1. This is so creative!!!

    I’m thinking maybe a Musashi version next?? That would be so epic and if you have him battling Sasaki Kojima on that fateful day too!!


    I received your Geisha and I canvas art!!!!!!! Please let me know if it’s okay to post…I will add a copyright with your name centered in the photo if it’s okay =). It looks amazing~* on canvas…love the wooden frame, done so well so prettyβ™₯!!!! Thank you~!

    • Good thinking! Will see if I can do it…

      Oh excellent! Glad it arrived safely and that you like it! Would love to see the photo, go ahead and post! πŸ˜€

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