Death of a Loverman

After executing his wife’s secret lover, Steampunk Zouzou takes a moment to contemplate his next move….


6 responses to “Death of a Loverman

  1. ‘Death of a loverman!!’ such a brilliant title!! Has Zouzou officially gone rogue? =P….love this one very much♥! You have the most creative mind Aaron!

      • I like the spiciness…♥. You must be a fun person to speak with, I mean your imagination is so vivid and open minds are always best ^ ^♥。Liking the new Zouzou….

      • Ha! Well, there’s only one way to find out!
        I saw your Zouzou post on your blog! Looks good up on the wall!! And your supposedly meant to get me to like Japanese idols? 😛 You can try!

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