Current Project: Zouzou Marston

Currently trying my hand at painting, haven’t done this since I failed GSCE art.  Surprisingly I’m reasonably acceptable at it! Although I am having heaps of problems with the whole ‘keep the paint on the canvas instead of myself and everything I touch’ thing.

It’s Zouzou as John Marston from the single greatest game ever. Unfortunately I sold my Xbox to fund my escapades across Europe and to buy shirts with squares on and I’m incredibly lazy at searching on Google, so I can’t really know if it’s accurate or not – anyway he had hair and scars and played lots of poker. So it’s close enough to satisfy me.

I made a mess of the arms but fortunately paint covers mistakes, just like lying does!

6 responses to “Current Project: Zouzou Marston

      • Haha one of my friends was like staring at him for a long time and then was like…’where’s the face? (= !! Everyone loves the details and the sushi~yum! And then inevitably they all ask ‘why is he naked? ^ ^. I absolutely love it!!!

      • Haha!! hehehe the facial thing is a problem for many people.
        Still don’t like sushi personally.
        How do you explain the nakedness? haha. i have to explain myself alot too, kind of difficult!
        My computer can’t handle your blog, each time i go on it, it breaks!! So, my apologies for lack of commenting on your posts!

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