Variety my dear boy.

One of the most common questions my imaginary friends ask me the most surely has to be ‘Aaron, how does a bear with no face show emotion?’. Well, fortunately for them I had a few minutes spare this morning, I managed to get Zouzou to sit down for 10 minutes (he’s very restless on Tuesdays) and give me his range of emotions.

As you can see, the criticism that he is cold and emotionless is entirely unfounded.

I then asked my little brother (who I also invented for the purpose of this post)  to tell me the names of each emotion displayed. Unfortunately he has not yet learnt how to read or write, so he drew what he thought instead. Job well done Colin, job well done.




2 responses to “Variety my dear boy.

  1. Your faceless bear is the best, he fills me w/ a temptation to buy a bear and then remove his face I wonder if that makes me a bit weird lol =P. At least Zousou has a funny story behind his faceless state (=.

    • haha you are my biggest fan, I wish I had something to give to you! Like a gold star or trophy? How about a request? You ask for a Zouzou in some form of situation, and you’ll get him!

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