Rich Uncle Pennybags Golden Show

I thought I’d ramp up the already meteoric sexuality of my blog with this little number.

Please note, all moustached men who own their own board game, I am not willing to pole dance for you and I will not take off my purple pants for you.

While my mouth is open I thought I’d try a survey, and depending on the success of it, might leave it out of the next post. So, my little cherub readers, what would you like to see as my next post. Although I may already know your collective answer, you filthy people.

13 responses to “Rich Uncle Pennybags Golden Show

      • Hum…purple briefs means you’re either a big Prince fan \(^ ^)/!! or you’re into…??? Nah couldn’t be XD. I’ve wondered about boxers vs. briefs…so no boxers for you?

      • Haha!! Into…… go on, say it?
        Normally I’m a boxers kind of guy, you know gives a bit more space. But these particular purple ones I had to buy. If I see purple I generally buy it.

      • Haha you just reminded me about that ‘my boys need a home’ claim by Kramer on Seinfeld lol!! Suffice to say he wasn’t liking the boxers too much XD. You have a lot going on there though so I’d think that boxers would be best + it’s scientifically known that your boys need a bit of space and temperature reduction to strive just in case you’re thinking about a baby. I’m holding the purple revelation for a bit more…not sure if you’d get it as it’s sort of an inside joke =D. Hum looking at the poll I think U may be naked again soon (=.

  1. I was watching Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows last night and now the Count Dracula thing sounds awfully intriguing lol…Mr. Depp always so ♡! I think you’d make a great vampire too (=!

    • Haha! It’s my favourite too, it’s winning so we should both get our wish.
      I am a vampire. I’m over 700 years old. I know, I look alright for somebody of my age.

      • That would so explain your darkly secretive side or rather the gradual opening up of secrets you’ve given us… (I just added the dark part) going from a faceless teddy bear to a male nude show quite the diverse nature I’d expect from a vampire (=.

        Now is it true that you only suck blood? Not milk by any chance? Worse pick up line I’ve ever heard was on Halloween, but it’s dirty and I’m making a concious effort to ‘appear’ pure for U (=.

      • I’ll be going back to that faceless bear soon enough, but I’m rather enjoying being naked in this autumn chill. So I shall continue a few more of those posts.

        I suck both blood and milk. Although I’ve been stopped from sucking human blood, it’s mainly just goats and eagles now, a little embarrassing, but what can a vampire do!
        You know you MUST now tell that pick up line to me! I insist. It’s all part of the more mature blog effort. Go on, you know you want to.

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