Farewell Cleocatra, my love. Egypt is not for me.

I’m back in my bath!!

Always a sad moment when you say goodbye to a Pharaoh, although I think she took it a little worse than I did, what with the snake biting suicide and all. Sorry ancient Egypt, my bad.

Oh, and that’s milk.

I kind of like the cat.

18 responses to “Farewell Cleocatra, my love. Egypt is not for me.

  1. Awwww the pharoah~kitty~♡!!! He’s so cute!!!! Egyptian architecture is the best just something so mysterious about it and we still marvel at how their structures were built so long ago. Neat too how so many of their tombs and temples are underground and just the countless years they took to create them! L♡ve the milk idea and surely you’re naked more tha you’re dressed….haha =O!! One of your best and most imaginative yet ♡~it.

    • Thank you!! I love Egypt, but mainly because of the gods. I’d love to run around with a giant bird or dogs head instead of my own regular human head!

      • U~n! their Gods are fascinating too!…okay U get the head I’ll take their wonderful jewels~♡ =) and clothing just nothing where our breasts are exposed like did they suddenly run low on wool or something?? ( – – )/…I don’t know there’d need to be underwear too and preferably cotton which sadly wasn’t introduced until much later XD. How did girls survive back then??? =P

      • Haha I think they just made crocodile pants? Or rub themselves in glue and roll around in the sand until they were completely covered? Pretty sure that’s what we learnt about them at school.

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