The Last Supper


I’m back! Been maybe 4 or 3 months since I last posted something, wasn’t through being overly busy, being on holiday or any other usable excuse. My absence was pure unfiltered laziness and lack of interest in any creative pursuit.

But much like Jesus (although that didn’t happen) I have made my long awaited (although most of you probably didn’t notice my truancy) comeback. I’d love to say it’s a triumphant return, but I’ll admit it’s a sub par attempt at creativity. However, there’s faceless bears, carrots, me naked and some kind of religious theme, everybody can be happy.

8 responses to “The Last Supper

    • Indeed I am! Long hair and bearded, like Tom Hanks in that film, but alive I am!
      Gonna make an attempt to get back into the swing of blogging, and remove this damn dirty beard!

      • Well, I may have exaggerated a little. If I were a snake then my breed of snake would be a long haired Aaronconda. But I’m not a snake, I’m more human shaped. So I guess you’d have to call me a medium haired Aaron. Wilson says ‘…………….’ to you.

  1. Wilson and I spent some quality time together, I so expected a warmer greeting from him XD. Hm does he not remember whom spiked him lovingly~♥ into the net numerous times as I’m much too short to play volleyball very well in the front row =P.

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