Concert on planet Giraffa Camelopardalis

space concert

Socrates, Pikachu, Darwin and Napoleon getting funky, before that rat bastard Ash Ketchum arrives and throw’s his fucking pokeballs at those Giraffe things.

Keep your balls to yourself you pokebastard!

6 responses to “Concert on planet Giraffa Camelopardalis

  1. You have the most imaginative mind!!! I wanna get me some of those Pokeballs for myself too now =D! I do notice that you’ve been naked for quite some time now in your art pieces…is there a deeper symbolic meaning behind Aaron’s disregard for clothing? (*´艸`)

    • deeper symbolic meaning? I don’t really do depth very well, like in swimming pools, water up to my knees suits me very well, any deeper and you’ll get all manner of filthy lizards and sharks with their dirty paws clambering around.

      • Okay then how about a shallow symbolic meaning?…(^q^)! Oh you’re afraid of the sea? =O It’d be spooky then if you visited Hawaii which is filled with lizards and sharks!! I guess you don’t own a Speedo then?..which believe me is a very very good thing! Only if you’re Michael Phelps or can out~swim him then can you don the Speedo! See, I have you all figured out =D.

      • Lizards actually aren’t bad. Quite like them in fact. With their little heads bobbing up and down as they run. Kinda cute. Ach! You did indeed figure me out! congratulations you tiny little psychiatrist!

      • U~n especially the geckos!…they’re some of our very best friends =D. lol you’re going to give me a short person complex =O…oh wait I already have that =P!

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