Love Letter to Walt

Love letter to Walt

There’s actually a little backstory to this, kind of.

Last Friday while talking to my boss about some food stuff, I noticed on his screen that he was reading ’90 things you didn’t know about Disney’. Our food conversation then went on to discuss tiger noises and not being allowed to break character, and I think he may of hinted that I should draw something Disney inspired? But I may just have created that myself, it was over 2 days ago and I can’t actually remember.

I had originally planned to expose the dark underbelly of Mickey Mouse,  in which he had replaced Minnie with naked me, making me dance for him and perform other unspeakable acts. But after silhouetting a perverted mouse I suddenly realised, I love Disney, and if an anthropomorphic rodent wants me to dance for him, then by god I will fucking dance for him, no need for chains, I’ll willingly do it for him and anything else he wants.

So, if my last post was an ode to meat, then this is very much a love letter to Walt.

2 responses to “Love Letter to Walt

    • Sebastian turned to drink as soon as his mermaid friend was captured and turned into fish tail soup.He spends his days on the floors of casino bars, and his nights on the bars of casino floors.
      Scar was poached for his beautiful skin, he now lays infront of an aristocrat’s fireplace, where old ugly rich people have sex ontop of him nightly, in a vein attempt to recapture their lost love.
      Bambi, well she was found deformed on the side of the road, apparently hit by a cargo truck, all that was left of her was her beautiful head.
      And me? Well, that’s just me 😉

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