Just kiss it!

Lizard Just do it

Please little lizard, give him a kiss,
That why you have lipstick, to make you a miss.

If you don’t do this thing that I ask,
This one tiny insignificant task,

I swear that you’ll get on my bad side,
And I’ll do it I swear, I’ll make you his bride.

Kiss him little lizard, do as I say,
You’re not getting away any other way.

So just do what you’re told,
And kiss Ronald McDonald.

5 responses to “Just kiss it!

    • Haha it’s my superfan! You’d seriously need incentives to kiss Ronald McDonald?!! Just think about those salty lips, the potential Coca Cola burp and the greasy fingers on your cheeks and in the hair, what’s not to freely accept and lovingly cringe!?

      • Haha ..not to mention he’d more likely than not smell like a giant chicken Mcnugget when we go to snuggle~♡ YUM!~! ONE Turn-off though would be that he wears much much more makeup than I do …worse yet is that I usually don’t wear any at all =O.

        os. Clowns scare me, I hope that Ronald’s okay with no sex like EVER!! =P

      • Might have a problem there! I hear clowns kind of….you know…..go in for that kind of business! After the circus they are straight in there. But hey, you know what they say about giant clown feet!

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