I’m Aaron.

I go through hair growth stages, currently extremely hairy.

More often than not I will be drawn naked, or besides an animal.

48 responses to “Me

  1. Hi Aaron, thanks for following my blog. I like what you are doing here; the best advice I can give you is keep working, continue drawing and painting; dedicate yourself to your work and the rewards will be greater than you can imagine.

  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for the follow! you have some fantastic work on here. All the best with catching the break!

  3. You cannot believe how much I envy you for being such a natural at illustrations. I wanna be an illustrator someday but I just dont have your kind of imagination!! You are doing a great job!

    • Haha thank you very much!
      It’s odd you say that, I really like your work! I too would love to be an illustrator, I just have no idea how to get started properly.

  4. Thanks for the ‘like’ Aaron! Not my work, but it made me smile! You’re not a million miles from me (the other side of the A30), and your travels take you to two regions which I visit regularly. Great art work and gsoh!

    • So ‘Cornishadrian’ is exactly what it implies! Bizzare to see a Cornish feature on here, it’s a small old WordPress!
      Thanks! I’ll be returning to your blog shortly, for sure!

  5. Aaron, You have some very funny drawings. Good work! Thank you for following 4feet2mouths on our travel and food adventures. We appreciate you as a reader this year. ~Nathan

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