Just kiss it!

Lizard Just do it

Please little lizard, give him a kiss,
That why you have lipstick, to make you a miss.

If you don’t do this thing that I ask,
This one tiny insignificant task,

I swear that you’ll get on my bad side,
And I’ll do it I swear, I’ll make you his bride.

Kiss him little lizard, do as I say,
You’re not getting away any other way.

So just do what you’re told,
And kiss Ronald McDonald.


The Contract

The Contract

I was recently asked, by an ageing but still beautiful walrus, if I would be the main event in a strip show aimed for polar wildlife. She’d seen a few of my moves and believed that I had what it takes to become the next Pingu (in his second career)

The initial decision I took with trepidation. So many questions ran through my mind. What if the other penguins laugh at me? What if the seals find my cold shapeless body undesirable? Will I earn enough fish to enjoy life, or will I just become another run down old man that can’t break free from a life he hates?

Fool I was! The penguins have taken me under their wings, the seals adore my cold shapeless body and I stink of fish! I love this life of taking my clothes off for polar wildlife, tis the life for me.

Zouzou Potter

I couldn’t sleep and wasn’t really sure to to draw next, so I kind of stumbled through this.

Despite donating about a billion hours of my time watching and reading all the Harry Potter things I only seem to remember Dumbledore’s beard, noises made by Voldemort and maybe Harry had frog’s legs or something once in a lake?

This one is for the person who originally got me into the Potter series, who as it happens is also the greatest human being in the history of human beings.