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“Now or never ‘To be or not to be!'”—Oblomov  Aaron raised himself from his chair a little, but failing to find his slippers with his feet at once, sat down again.”

-Ivan Goncharov


Looming Indifference

goatfinished (2)

Recent weeks have seen my interest fall and my apathy rise. While I searched for a little meaning to my life, I realised, I’m never going to become a Napoleon, a Da Vinci, I won’t write an epic poem, nor will any of my sculptures be erected in a city square, I won’t be rich, I won’t sing and dance before a panel of mindless arseholes while a slightly more retarded group of people clap and boo at the slightest little action, I won’t carve a potato into a chalice and fill it with melted cheddar to present to a table of 16th century aristocratic critics while they decide whether the subtle woody texture to the cheese is enough to see me into the next round or if its just a fucking potato full of cheese, I definitely won’t go into space, and I probably won’t even learn how to swim. I will just continue to cling to the same routine for the rest of my life, like a stubborn mountain goat, aimlessly blasting itself across the mountain side with all the grace and sophistication of a potato full of cheese, but, I guess, that, in it’s own way, is my little victory?

Love Letter to Walt

Love letter to Walt

There’s actually a little backstory to this, kind of.

Last Friday while talking to my boss about some food stuff, I noticed on his screen that he was reading ’90 things you didn’t know about Disney’. Our food conversation then went on to discuss tiger noises and not being allowed to break character, and I think he may of hinted that I should draw something Disney inspired? But I may just have created that myself, it was over 2 days ago and I can’t actually remember.

I had originally planned to expose the dark underbelly of Mickey Mouse,  in which he had replaced Minnie with naked me, making me dance for him and perform other unspeakable acts. But after silhouetting a perverted mouse I suddenly realised, I love Disney, and if an anthropomorphic rodent wants me to dance for him, then by god I will fucking dance for him, no need for chains, I’ll willingly do it for him and anything else he wants.

So, if my last post was an ode to meat, then this is very much a love letter to Walt.